Performance Training

Our strategic performance training program starts with a thorough analysis of physical, mental and athletic ability.  Once the benchmarks have been set, the program continues to provide trainers and their athletes with coordinated and specific training to identify areas in need of improvement.

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GFPro offers a variety of camps throughout the calendar year. These camps include full-day camps, 2-3 day camps, and week-in and week-out camps over the summer. Interested in learning more and joining one of our camps? Contact us to learn more.

Speed & Agility

Go the full 100. With our speed and agility services, you will become faster, stronger and more explosive. Working with our professional trainers, we'll put you through the ladders, rings, and yards and teach you proper foot techniqueschange of direction, resistance training, and more to help make you the fastest player on the field.

Individual Training & Team Training

Beyond our traditional Performance Training, Team Training, and Camps, we also offer training for individuals and teams. This is applicable to selected high school teams or players, and pickup and drop off services (to or from the school) are available. Contact us to learn more.

Turf Rental

state-of-the-art, 36,000 sq. ft. indoor training facility

  • Facility:
    • Ample space for dynamic warm-up, training, cool down and flexibility work
    • 21,000 square feet of turfed field for speed/agility
    • Located one minute off I-85
  • Equipment:
    • Six platforms for Olympic Lifts
    • Access to multiple Vertimax jump trainers for explosive work
    • kettle bells, med bells, high-speed treadmills, landmines, and much more

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